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Montreal Fertility Clinic Threatened to Close

17 June 2021
*Content only available in French....

Hungary: Ban on Promoting Homosexuality Among Minors

17 June 2021
*Content only available in French....

Breastfeeding as a Vector of Antibodies to COVID-19

16 June 2021
*Content only available in French....

Dis son nom: Whistleblowers Sued by Alexandre Douville

16 June 2021
*Content only available in French....


Reflection Piece • Demystifying sexual violence

22 April 2021
*Content only available in French....

Reflection Piece • HIV or AIDS: How to Talk About It?

3 February 2021
*Content only available in French....

Article • Violences sexuelles et femmes aînées : portrait d’un problème méconnu

17 November 2020
*Content only available in French....

Article • La violence des mots du sexe

2 November 2020
*Content only available in French....


Sexify • From sex shop to copulatorium: a guide to female pleasure

11 June 2021
*Content only available in French....

Protagoniste de ton cyberplaisir • Cultural Suggestions

6 June 2021
Here is our cultural suggestions for our "Protagoniste de ton cyberplaisir" awareness campaign!...

Magazine • Sticky Rice: a e-magazine that promotes Asian-Canadian plurality

4 June 2021
*Content only available in French....

Novel • An Orphan World

27 May 2021
*Content only available in French....


Egyptian Female Genital “Norm” and Female Genital Self-image

16 June 2021
This study determined whether female genital mutilation/cutting is still a “norm” and to assess its impact on genital self-image....

Marriage and Masculinity: Male-Breadwinner Culture, Unemployment, and Separation Risk in 29 Countries

10 June 2021
Male-breadwinner norms are a key driver of the association between men’s unemployment and the risk of separation....

An Analysis of the Attitudes of the General Public Towards the Sexuality of Individuals with Disabilities Through a Systematic Literature Review

9 June 2021
Thirty-four articles were included in this systematic review, representing attitudes toward people with disabilities....

What Drives the Dehumanization of Consensual Non-Monogamous Partners?

4 June 2021
This study provides a deeper understanding of why people are stigmatized in non-monogamous consensual relationships....


DépistaFest · STBBI Screening Festival

14 June 2021
After more than a year without festivals and concerts, it's time to do the soundcheck of ... your crotch! Les 3 sex* is the proud partner of the DépistaFest, the first STBBI screening festival, organized by Club Sexu....

Awareness Campaign on Sexual Health in Times of Pandemic

31 May 2021
This campaign aims to offer positive alternatives to young people to experience their sexuality safely online....

Apprendre à nous écrire • Guide et formation d'écriture inclusive

30 March 2021
*Content only available in French....

La diversité est dans le pré

24 October 2020
*Content only available in French...


The Pozcast

14 June 2021
A sexual health podcast from Pozitive Pathways in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We are sex-positive, diversity-affirming, and community-based. ...

L'instant bulles des infos en BD • Portail VIH/sida

14 June 2021
*This tool is only available in French....

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

7 June 2021
Programs with workshop who aims to promote positive body image and healthy attitude and habits among youths with respect to their body, food and physical activity. The program targets not only youths, but also their parents and adults in their lives. ...

Let’s talk about sexting! • Guide for youth

7 June 2021
In accordance with its values, the PIaMP wants to create a practical guide that helps youth practice sexting responsibly while raising awareness to related risks in a non-judgmental way. ...

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