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Update 17.02.2019

Welcome to the website of Les 3 sex*. This is a platform that aims to facilitate exchange and education for a community that wishes to actively fight for sexual health.

By browsing this website, you accept our Privacy Policy.

Section 1. Terms of Sale.

The terms below apply to all sales made on this website.

a) Availability and Shipping of Items

A handling period of approximately three (3) working days is necessary for the processing of orders on subscriptions and event tickets.

A handling period of two (2) to four (4) weeks is necessary for delivery of non-virtual products. Delivery time may be extended up to ten (10) weeks on international orders.

b) Price

Prices displayed on this website are in Canadian dollars, not including taxes and shipping fees when applicable. The total amount, including taxes and shipping fees, is payable in Canadian dollars at checkout.

c) Shipping Fees

For purchases other than subscriptions and event tickets, shipping fees, cover packaging, costs and posting. Prices are determined according to shipping address, number of items to be shipped, and total price of order, before taxes.

No shipping fees apply on subscriptions and event tickets.

For international orders, additional shipping fees may apply after payment is processed.

d) Payment

Orders made on this website must be processed externally by Paypal, which accepts, among others, payments using MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. You do not need to have a Paypal account to process the transaction if you use one of the credit cards accepted by Paypal. In order to process the payment, you will have to agree to Paypal’s terms of use. This website (Les 3 sex*) does not gather or retain any information related to bank cards.

e) Reimbursement

No reimbursements are authorized.


Section 2. Technical Procedure for Accessing Services.

To entirely benefit from the digital content offered on our website, Les 3 sex* recommends using browsers that are most adapted to the newest web standards. Since technical changes continuously ffect browsers, Les 3 sex* cannot guarantee compatibility 100% of the time. In case such incompatibilities arise, Les 3 sex* is committed to attempt to recover compatibility within reasonable delays. Les 3 sex*, however, cannot take responsibility for interruptions due to such technological changes.

Section 3. Secured Data.

We do our best to ensure that personal and confidential data exchanged between visitors and the platform are in no way intercepted or altered in any fraudulent manner.

Section 4. Copyrights.

All digital online content and reproduced elements present on the website (e.g. texts, comments, illustrations, logos, iconographical documents) are subject to copyright under the Copyright Act. Les 3 sex* reserves the right to take all necessary measures in case of violation of these copyrights, and any such violation will also be considered a violation of this agreement.

Members agree to keep confidentiality of information received to access the platform (username, password) and to not share this information in any way to a third party.

Section 5. Limitation of Responsibilities.

Les 3 sex* is in no way responsible for service interruptions due to type and limits of internet connection, for example, interruption of access networks, technical performances and response delays when consulting digital content through the platform.

Because of the structure of the Internet, Les 3 sex* cannot guarantee against embezzlement, intrusion, contamination or piracy of your data, files, or programs. It is each person’s responsibility to take the necessary measures to protect their data, files and programs, and to guard against computer viruses.

Section 6. Legal.

The contract is governed by the provincial and federal laws of Quebec and Canada which apply to it. Any dispute between its parties will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Quebec.


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Les 3 sex* (subsequently referred to in the first-person plural) pays special attention to the protection of your personal data. We want to make your experience on the website and the use of our services as enjoyable as possible. This policy aims to protect the personal information of subscribers and to describe our procedure for gathering, using and transmitting your personal information through our website.

  • Introduction. By using this platform, you agree to respect the present policy. If you access and use our platform, you agree to be bound by the arrangements and conditions laid out in these documents. If you do not accept to be bound by these arrangements and conditions, please refrain from accessing our platform and using its functions.
  • Collection of personal information. We gather your personal information only as far as it serves to establish, manage, and maintain our relationship with you and for you to carry out the transactions that you chose to perform on our platform.

Before using the services offered by Les 3 sex*, you must register by entering, for instance, your name, your home address, your email address and your phone number.

  • Use of your personal data. We can use your personal data for the following ends:
›   Carry out the transactions that you perform on our platform (Please note that we use Paypal to externally process your subscription payment, and that this service is subject to external terms and conditions).

Your personal data will not be used for transactions other than those enumerated above, unless we have obtained your explicit consent, or if requested or authorized by the Law.

  •  Communication of your personal information. We recognize that, except under the circumstances and conditions described below, transmitting your personal data to a third party requires your consent. We can, however, without your consent, communicate your personal information if the Law authorizes or requires it.

Each time we must divulge information that concerns you, we will take care to share nothing more than the information that is required in that situation.

Please note that, if the third party to whom your personal data is shared operates under a foreign law, the foreign set of laws may allow others to have access to your data without your consent.

  • Storing your personal information. We retain your personal information only as long as necessary for achieving the objective for which they were collected, to meet legal requirements, and for the time necessary to protect legitimate commercial interests.
  • Waiving of consent. You may decide at any time to waive your consent for our collecting, using, and transmitting of your personal information, under the legal and contractual restrictions that apply and with reasonable notice. Please note that if you decide to retract your consent for our collection, use and communication of your data, we will no longer be able to provide you the services laid out in the service contract.

You may, at any time, retract your consent to being contacted by us, by sending an email to the following email address: info@les3sex.com, with the following subject line: Waiving of consent”.

  • Usage of browsing software. During your visit on our platform, we will possibly make use of cookies to gather your information anonymously in order to establish your visitor’s profile. Cookies are small text files containing unique numbers to identify each browser (i.e. not the user), connecting to our computers each time you use our platform.

We automatically compile information about users of the platform. We use this information to adapt the platform to your preferences and to assemble statistics about consultation and use of the website, in order to improve it.

You may, if you wish, set up your browser to be notified each time you receive cookies, or for your browser to automatically refuse them. You do not need to accept cookies to visit our platform, but some of its functions may be disabled if you refuse them.

  • Protection and accuracy of data. Les 3 sex* has set up a series of security measures aiming to protect your personal data from loss or theft, and also from any non-authorized consultation, communication, reproduction, use or modification. These security measures are physical, administrative and technological, and are reasonable measures taking into account the sensitivity, usage, quantity, distribution and medium of the data.

We recognize the importance of keeping personal data that is accurate, complete, and up to date, and we take reasonable measures to ensure that data used and communicated is exact and exhaustive. However, it is your responsibility to inform us of any significant change related to your personal data that may arise during the course of our business relationship. If you have reason to believe that your account is subject to an abusive usage or that the security may have been breached, please contact us immediately.

  • How to access and update your information. You have the right to ask to consult, or to access the data about you that is kept on our platform. You may also ask for the data to be changed if they are inexact, incomplete or incorrect, or if the collection, communication or storage thereof is not permitted by the Law.
›  You may update your personal data at all times, by logging into your account on our platform. For any questions or concerns related to the present Terms, or regarding the collection, usage, and communication of your personal data, including requests for access or correction, you may contact info@les3sex.com.
  • Modification of the Terms and Conditions. Les 3 sex* reserves the right to modify the contents of these Terms at all times. All changes will be published on the website. The date of the last version of these Terms appears at the top of the page. We recommend keeping a printed copy of the terms in your files and reviewing this section periodically.

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