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The "articles" section offers exclusive texts on sexological issues. For the production of content, Les 3 sex* relies on external collaborations. Before publication, all publications are evaluated and revised by our reading committee. Opinions expressed in the publications, however, are not an expression of the organization’s position, and only represent the points of view of the authors. Please note it is a possibility that some texts published do not represent all the gender identities of our magazine’s readership. To submit an article or a story, click here.


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Story • Mère épistolaire

4 October 2021
*Content only available in French. ...

Reflection Piece • Demystifying sexual violence

22 April 2021
*Content only available in French....

Reflection Piece • HIV or AIDS: How to Talk About It?

3 February 2021
*Content only available in French....

Article • Sexual Violence and Elderly Women: Portrait of a Misunderstood Problem

17 November 2020
Sexual violence perpetrated against seniors is a growing phenomenon worldwide....

Article • La violence des mots du sexe

2 November 2020
*Content only available in French....

Article • Tattooing: Challenges of Inked Bodies

27 October 2020
In February 2020, Les 3 sex* organized the event “Corps tracés : tatoué.e.s pour la diversité sexuelle et de genre” (Traced bodies: tattooed for sexual and gender diversity) where nine tattoo artists gathered for a weekend of volunteer work....

Article • Understand 1950’s Household Kink

29 September 2020
This article presents the 1950’s household kink1, however it cannot make a verified scholarly analysis unless it addresses the subject from a scientific perspective....

Article · Sex, Women & Prison : How do Inmates Experience Their Intraprison Sexuality?

8 September 2020
In the wake of the growing popularity of television shows such as Orange is the New Black and Unité 9, a newfound interest in the situation of incarcerated1 women2 has developed....

Opinion • Vers une nouvelle sexologie : où sont les militant.e.s?

18 August 2020
*Content only available in French. ...

Article • Violence, Sexuality and Discrimination: So That Intersectional Research Leads to Concrete Action

18 May 2020
Sexuality is, by default, a politicized subject. ...

Story • Sexologues sous le spotlight

11 May 2020
*Content only available in French....

Article • Critical Sexology

4 May 2020
Originating from the United Kingdom, Critical Sexology is first described as a series of interdisciplinary seminars for academics and activists interested in the concepts of gender and sexuality in medical and social discourses....

Article • The Reappropriation of Derogatory Terms by Women: A Power Move?

27 April 2020
As I looked over to my bookcase, I was struck by the unusual pattern before me. I paused on the words "slut", "whore" and "bitch", each proudly printed on a different book cover, forming an improbable mosaic. ...

Article • XX(X) Movies: A Look at Feminist Pornography

20 April 2020
Swollen breasts, wet vulvas, panting. Ejaculation. Full mouths, hungry tongues, luscious lips. Ejaculation. Dilated anus, oiled butt cheeks, spanked ass. Ejaculation....

Article • Gaming Community, a Feminine Issue

10 April 2020
The year 2018 is the great champion of this new reality as classic games, such as Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry, have added the option—which was, up until then unavailable— to select ...

Story • Me faire plaiz’

14 February 2020
*Content only available in French....