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Story • Une vraie femme doit devenir mère. Ou pas.

19 September 2019
*Content only available in French. ...

Story • Est-ce que tu veux des enfants? Parce que moi, vraiment pas

19 September 2019
*Content only available in French. ...

Story • Être une femme

19 September 2019
*Content only available in French. ...

Story • Je n'ai pas d'enfants, et alors?

19 September 2019
*Content only available in French. ...

Case File • Childfree: Between Freedom and Stigma

19 September 2019
The term “childfree”, sometimes referred to as “childless by choice” or “voluntarily childless”, is often confused, both in scientific literature and in current usage, with the term “childless”. The former pertains to people who have made a conscious choice not to have children,...

Article • Revenge Porn: Pornography That Just Isn't Porn

4 September 2019
In November 2017, in Australia, Facebook tested a controversial system to combat revenge porn: users were asked to send the explicit pictures they owned so that they would be spotted if ever they were to be shared without their consent....

Story • Naturalness and Laughter

31 May 2019
To all the wide eyes, to those who mock with laughter. To the pointing fingers whose shadows are aimed only at me. I am proud to have made your day and to know that today, I was able to give you something to talk about. ...

Story • Embodied Teaching

13 May 2019
I had the pleasure of teaching sex ed in high schools for 25 years: as a substitute for personal and social development courses (defunct since 2003); as a substitute teacher when there was no meaningful work to be done; as a social studies teacher...

Story • I have a boyfriend, sorry

25 March 2019
Sitting alone on an overly high stool. Scrolling down my Facebook feed almost mechanically. I hear somebody walk up. Twenty minutes earlier, when I had walked in alone, I had noticed the almost-subtle, slightly insistent look of the man in the back of the room. ...

Story • Anarchique sexuelle par défaut

4 March 2019
*Content only available in French...

Article • Sexual Education: The Case of France (Part III)

11 February 2019
*Content only available in French....

Story • Sexologue dans la peau d’une T.E.S.

21 January 2019
*Content only available in French....

Article • Identity, Sexuality, and Tolerance: An Overview of Sexual Discrimination in Mexico

3 December 2018
The ways in which a community evolves differ based on norms, traditions and beliefs....

Story • Powerless

26 November 2018
I am currently in Naples, on a subway heading to Vesuvius. As always, the subway is packed with people. We are all stuck together, but at least we don’t have to wait 30 minutes for the next train. ...

Story • Ruined Autumn and Salty Ocean Air

19 November 2018
TRIGGER WARNING: It was past midnight when he came home. I could tell from his walk and his haggard eyes that he was more than just a little drunk. ...

Article • The Groupie: A History of the Lesser Known Figure of Rock ‘n’ Roll

29 October 2018
A purely academic approach to history cannot enable us to pin down the essence of the music that marked a generation (Ross, 2007)....