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Article • An Ode to Menopausal Vulvas

4 April 2018
Menopausal vulvas are rather unpopular. We don’t speak of them, don’t think of them—we don’t know anything about them. When I bring them up, I am confronted...

Story • Fille facile

27 March 2018
*Content only available in french*...

Article • Erotic Glasses

20 March 2018
If glasses usually compensate for a deficiency, or correct vision disorders, they also highlight the individuality of those who wear them and “nowadays belong ...

Article • Ethics and Morals Regarding Sexuality (Part II)

6 March 2018
In this second text, I present the Canadian social morality regarding sexuality and make the link between personal ethics and the sexo-ethical approach......

Story • Elle pleurait parce qu'elle souffrait

6 March 2018
*Content only available in french*...

Article • Bisexuality: Invisibility (as a) Means (to) Freedom

28 February 2018
June 2017. Pride in Bordeaux is in full swing. As I approach one of the mobile kiosks, I notice that, although the bear and transgender pride flags hang...

Article • Ethics and Morals Regarding Sexuality (Part I)

21 February 2018
This article in two parts aims to clarify notions of ethics and morality regarding sexuality......

Story • Catcalling under the sun

14 February 2018
*Content only available in french*...

Article • Female Sexual Crimes: From Taboo to Recognition

6 February 2018
A brief overview with the members of my entourage concerning women who commit sexual assaults on children led me to examine......

Article • Intimate Hair Removal: Between Norms and Arrangements (Part II)

30 January 2018
As seen in part I of this article, hair and the control over it are linked to the history of the West. Alternating between periods of relaxation...

Article • Intimate Hair Removal: Between Norm and Arrangements (Part I)

16 January 2018
During an afternoon of unproductive work, I was nonchalantly hanging out on social networks when a photo shared by one of my contacts caught my ...

Article • Sexual Orientation: Imperfect Indicator of Sexual Experiences and Practices

9 January 2018
The sexuality of women who have sex with women is poorly documented. The few studies that have focused on the sexuality of WSW note that they begin their sexual lives earlier and report a higher number of sexual partners than their heterosexual counterparts....

Article • Instruction Manual for a Subversive Usage of the Speculum (Part III)

20 December 2017
Some ideas seem to stick with us forever. They end up living inside and changing us in spite of ourselves. ...

Story • Shotgun!

12 December 2017
*Content only available in french*...

Story • Chronology of a Revolution

5 December 2017
My circle is biased, no doubt. Nevertheless, the wind of change was in the air. Something different that no longer goes unnoticed. Was our minority becoming the majority?...

Story • Il ne faut jamais marcher seule

28 November 2017
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