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Article • The Profuse Misconceptions of the Extended-Cycle Oral Contraceptive

16 November 2017
When I was 8 years old, I found out what menstruation is and I dreaded the day they would arrive. When I was 10, I heard about hysterectomies and I feared...

Story • Sexologiquement vôtre

7 November 2017
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Article • Instruction Manual for a Subversive Usage of the Speculum (Part II)

31 October 2017
In light of the sociohistorical context in which the speculum was created and the way it was first used in North America and Europe on marginalized bodies, i.e. those of black women and women...

Article • Facebook and Couple: Jealousy, When You Hit me

24 October 2017
Over the last decade, the era of social media has been marked by Facebook’s rise to power. Since its creation, Facebook has continued to prosper, ...

Story • Croire aux contes de fées

6 October 2017
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Story • Cachez ce ventre que je ne saurais voir…

26 September 2017
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Story • Se reconstruire

5 September 2017
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Article • Youth in Peril?

29 August 2017
Several years ago, I came across a phrase that greatly inspired my academic journey and the research questions I......

Article • Instruction Manual for a Subversive Usage of the Speculum (Part I)

29 August 2017
Speculum [ˈspe-kyə-ləm] noun-From Latin speculum: « mirror ». An instrument for dilating a bodily cavity or passage to permit examination of its interior. (C16) Collins....

Story • Quand la sexologie prend des airs de conquête spatiale

22 August 2017
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Article • Delivering Under Hypnosis: More than a Trend

16 August 2017
In a time when more and more people are seeing Western medicine as having reached an impasse, many find themselves turning to alternative medicine. ...

Story • 12 years old

7 August 2017
*Content only available in French....

Article • Love With a Capital P

21 June 2017
Tadoussac, March 2017. I was in the only bistro of the village that still offered drinks and comfort this time of year. It was during a long silence between two folk notes that a friend began to tell me about...

Story • Quand t'es dépressive, tu baises pas!

31 May 2017
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Article • What is Stealthing and Reproductive Coercion? Concerning Practices That Deserve to be Documented

23 May 2017
A quick round-up of social media (and Google) confirms our doubts: ...

Article • Plural Pleasures

16 May 2017
Multiple orgasms are a phenomenon that is collectively associated with female sexuality and therefore whose existence is relatively well documented. What about in men? ...