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Article • Plural Pleasures

16 May 2017
Multiple orgasms are a phenomenon that is collectively associated with female sexuality and therefore whose existence is relatively well documented. What about in men? ...

Article • They’re All Mad… Or are They?

8 May 2017
We need to talk...“They’re all worked up!” “They’re just a bunch of man-hating lesbians.” “The fight for gender equality… what is this nonsense, this isn’t the 30s anymore!” “They must ...

Story • Sexual Harassment at Work: The Fear of Crying Wolf

27 April 2017
To be honest with you, I hesitated to sign my name on this text for a long time. I was scared of being told I had “asked” for it. I was afraid to be seen as a hysterical woman who makes a big deal out of nothing, or rather, over a “compliment.”...

Story • Présumé hétéro jusqu'à preuve du contraire

10 April 2017
*Content only available in french....

Story • Je suis devenue aspirateur

5 April 2017
*Content only available in French....

Article • When the Pill Goes Down Wrong

27 March 2017
Access to abortion has always been an issue close to my heart. I have always thought of access to this type of intervention as one taken for granted by society. It was my favourite subject to debate...

Open Letter • Mise en doute de la compétence des sexologues/psychothérapeutes pour évaluer les troubles sexuels

15 March 2017
*Content only available in French....

Story • Mon rêve de future sexologue

15 March 2017
*Content only available in French....

Article • If You Go Looking for Trouble, You Will Find It

4 March 2017
I have long believed that I was cursed in terms of sexual partners. It is not because I have lousy lovers - quite the contrary, but because I often have to argue endlessly to get them to put on a condom....

Story • Doux Bouleversement

27 February 2017
*Content only available in French....

Article • Cover Up that Sexual Abuse, Which I Can't Endure to Look On

22 February 2017
Is there ever a good time to talk to children about sexual abuse? No....

Story • D'hétéro à... amoureuse

13 February 2017
*Content only available in french....

Article • Order vs Association, What is the Difference?

6 February 2017
When I started my studies in sexology, before the Order was founded, members of the Association des sexologues du Québec (ASQ) and of the Regroupement professionnel des sexologues du Québec (RPSQ) were going around classes....

Story • It Didn’t Take Me Long to Figure Out That I Was Taking Up Too Much Space In the World

1 February 2017
September 2014. I was always cold, even when it was 20°C outside; I wore sweaters, that’s all. I was irritable; I was stressed out because of university, that’s all. I couldn’t sleep anymore;...

Story • « Mon amour, je t’aime profondément et je désire d’autres personnes. »

23 January 2017
*Content only available in french....

Rape Culture: The Male Problem

18 January 2017
It is a concept widely discussed in the news and is unsurprisingly, increasingly controversial. Some seek to discredit the term while others try...