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The "articles" section offers exclusive texts on sexological issues. For the production of content, Les 3 sex* relies on external collaborations. Before publication, all publications are evaluated and revised by our reading committee. Opinions expressed in the publications, however, are not an expression of the organization’s position, and only represent the points of view of the authors. Please note it is a possibility that some texts published do not represent all the gender identities of our magazine’s readership. To submit an article or a story, click here.


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Article • Man Overboard

18 November 2016
A legitimate question. The distinction between men and women seems to be more blurry than in the previous century. As such, the definition of masculinity...

Article • University Rape Culture

14 November 2016
The news feed of the past few weeks reveals an increase in media coverage of sexual assault cases. In the United States, the media reports...

Article • Gynile Identity: Treaty of Philosophy on Women’s Identity

8 November 2016
The concept of femininity has given rise to many writings that converge, for the most part, towards the systematization of gender equality. Few have dared to admit......

Story • C’est juste une phase!

4 November 2016
*Content only available in French....

Article • A Squirt, or Not a Squirt: What is Female Ejaculation?

26 October 2016
The summer of 2011 was the first time I worked as a lifeguard. Some 10 and 11-year-olds squabbled in the water, calling one another “squirters”. ...

Story • No means no

24 October 2016
When I decided to start collaborating for a sexology magazine, there were dozens of subjects I eventually wanted to address. The issue of consent was not on the list at all. Not that I thought that enough had been said or written about the topic....

Story • Nous ne sommes que des femmes

6 October 2016
*Content only available in french....

Story • In 2 years, I won’t be having sex anymore

3 October 2016
I have always considered sexuality to be an important aspect of my life, whether or not I was in a relationship. In my head, though, there are two kinds of people: those who have an active sexuality, and those who don’t. ...

Article • These Toxic Toys

29 September 2016
The erotic toy industry has become a staple in the 21st-century sex realm. According to a 2009 study by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion......

Story • Confessions nocturnes d'un célibataire endurci

20 September 2016
*Content only available in french....

Article • No Use Searching for it, its Existence isn’t Even Proven

20 September 2016
It is the key to pleasure for some, a myth for others or even the ultimate mystery of the female anatomy. You probably guessed it, we are talking about the G-spot. ...

Story • Une lettre à l’infidélité

20 September 2016
*Content only available in french*...

Story • I Don't Want Your Sexist Attitude At My Checkout Counter!

20 September 2016
I got mad at two customers for the first time in seven years of working in customer service. Just to set up the situation, I work as a cashier in a big box grocery store. ...

Article • Aging as a Couple - A View on Sexuality

20 September 2016
Empirical and clinical research on the topic of elderly couples is scarce in gerontology, despite the marital and family bond often taking on greater importance as we age and social and...