Credit photo: Francis Riendeau

Marion Brodeur-Laperrière

News Collaborator
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B.A. Sexology (UQAM)

Member of Les 3 sex* since September 2017

Recent graduate from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Marion holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sexology. Following her desire to offer more services to the LBTQ+ community, Marion’s varied interests and parallel passion for teaching have allowed for her dream for improved sex education classes in schools to come true, centering around an effort to accompany youth in their development of critical thinking regarding gender stereotypes, sexuality, and reflection of diverse contraception methods. At a crossroads, Marion’s heart swings between the desire to educate, and the desire of being a clinical sexologist. Maybe even both, who knows? Whatever her choice, her objectives remain the same: to help those in need and to make society a little better.

Pronouns: she/her

Written articles