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Félix Dusseau

Scientific Section Collaborator
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University Diploma of Technology in Legal Professions (University of Picardy Jules Verne)
B.A. Sociology (University of Bordeaux)
M.A. Sociology (University of Bordeaux)
PhD(c) Sociology (UQAM)

Member since April 2019

After a few years studying law and with a University Diploma of Technology in Legal Professions in hand, Félix finally came back to sociology, which he had previously studied in high school, before obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in this field at the University of Bordeaux. Now, as a PhD candidate in Sociology at UQAM, he is doing his thesis on multiplepartnership and current forms of conjugality and plural sexualities.

Félix has studied bisexualities - on which he is currently writing a book -, on sex education courses, as well as on dating applications uses. While epistemological and methodological questions are important to him, he has a goal to make his research accessible, understandable and mobilizable for the majority. He is particularly interested in various sexual and romantic forms that allow bonds  to be created between people, intimacy, and self-construction, by building on sociologies of the individual, sociology of sexualities, as well as on the works of Michel Foucault.

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pronouns : he/his


✧ (2021, March 24rd) Conference « Possibilités : les bisexualités, entre identités et pratiques » given as part of the Diversité sexuelle et pluralité des genres: des savoirs pour contrer les préjugés conferences of the Chaire de recherche sur l'homophobie [➦]

Written articles