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Kelly Asselin-Tousignant

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DEC in Modern Languages and Certificate in Gender Studies (Dawson College)
Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies and Linguistic Studies (McGill)
Feminist Studies and Linguistic Studies (Albert-Ludwig University)

Member since August of 2019

From curious child to passionate adult, Kelly has always loved making the world vibrate with her quill. Her writings, constantly evolving, mainly include erotic fiction and feminist essays. 

Since the intersection between social justice and human language has always fascinated her, Kelly has worked hard to obtain a DEC in Modern Languages as well as a Certificate in Women and Gender Studies from  Dawson College. She then  continued her education, studying Linguistics and Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies, and a Minor in Global History at McGill University and Albert-Ludwig University.

Balancing a career in restaurant service with writing, Kelly continues to write and develop her linguistic skills in French, English, German and Spanish in her professional and personal lives, all the while remaining an activist of action and heart.

The skills acquired through her atypical journey have put her on the path of the conquest of a better world while betting mainly on social demarginalization and sexual empowerment.

pronouns : she/her

Written articles