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Malika Chenny

English Reviser
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B.A. Honours Psychology (University of Ottawa)
B.Sc. Sci International Development and Globalization (University of Ottawa)

Member of Les 3 sex* since August 2019

Malika is completing her undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa, in Honours B.A. Specialization in Psychology, where her academic interests focus primarily on sexual and reproductive health of women, pertaining to their behavioural, cognitive and emotional change, and psychosexual emotional health.

Her summer research internship at MatCH Health Institute (Maternal and Adolescent and Child Health) in South Africa has developed her understanding of gender equity, HIV/AIDS treatment and partner notification, as well as sexual and reproductive health rights of mothers and children. Following her internship, Malika volunteered at the World University Service of Canada (WUSC-EUMC) as a Gender and Development Research Assistant, the Kwazulu-Natal Children’s Hospital, and within the Ottawa community.

She continues to strengthen her knowledge, expanding on the multidimensionality of psychology in its regard to sexual and reproductive health through her studies.

Malika has been a member of the Les3Sex* Translation team, volunteering as an English reviser since August 2019.

pronouns : she/her

Written articles