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Estelle Cazelais

Education Component Director
Written articles


B.A. Sexologie (UQAM)

Member since January 2020

Estelle Cazelais has been working as a sexologist since September 2015. She co-founded Les Ateliers SexURL, a community organization whose primary goal is to contribute to the development and promotion of sexual health and healthy relationships among children, young people and adults through, among other things, educational workshops and Web capsules. Since 2017, Estelle also works for the organization RAP Jeunesse (Rue-Action-Prévention), a front-line street work organization located in the north of the island of Montreal, first as a sexologist, then as an Executive Assistant.

The sexological issues in which she is most interested are reproductive and feminist struggles as well as notions of sexual and gender diversity. For several years now, Estelle has dedicated her work to the understanding of the social and psychological impacts of gender stereotypes in human development, to the promotion of rights and the recognition of people belonging to sexual and gender diversity, to the teaching of notions of sexual consent and to the fight against sexual violence. At the heart of her work, the values ​​that accompany her are dignity for all and the gain of well-being.

Estelle holds a DEC in Cinema and a Bachelor's degree in Sexology from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Through her academic career and her love of cinema as well as popular culture, she is particularly interested in the influences that the media has on the sexual, romantic and social life of humans. Her passion for the 7th art and the world of communications led her to make her voice heard by the Quebec media. 

Pronouns: she/her/they

Media interventions

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