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Audrey Morabito

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B.A. Sexology (UQAM) 

Member of Les 3 sex* since March 2020

After a few years in marketing at Concordia University, Audrey had a feeling that she hadn’t quite found her place. She decided to put a stop to her studies on a whim and set out to find a more suitable field, an area in which she could fulfill a deep desire to work with and for people. She fell upon the field of sexology by chance and, three years later, obtained a bachelor's degree in sexology from UQAM. She focuses on the issues of marginalized people and intersectional feminism.

Audrey has been working with community-led organizations for several years - as an employee and as a volunteer - with women living in homelessness, victims of domestic violence, people living with HIV, victims of sexual assault, and young parents. She also works in private practice, offering consultation services to individuals and couples, as well as educational workshops aimed at different audiences. 

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Written articles