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Emmanuelle Blouin

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B.A. Sexology (UQAM)

Member since May 2020

Emmanuelle is currently a Bachelor’s student in Sexology at UQAM. Her experiences abroad have allowed her to develop her interest towards sexual health and how it is coloured by various cultures. Her recent internship as a sexual and reproductive health worker in the Dominican Republic confirmed her professional interest in international cooperation and the fight against social inequalities. It is in this same perspective of social justice that she supports LGBTQ+, antiracist, and feminist movements by taking an interest in the notion of intersectionality which is inextricably linked to it. 

In addition to her involvement as a policy advisor for Les 3 sex*, Emmanuelle is currently working for the organization MIELS-Quebec in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Through the creation of training courses, she participates in raising the awareness of professionals in psychosocial and health fields in order to reduce the stigma experienced by seropositive individuals.

Pronouns: she/her

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