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Caterine Bourassa-Dansereau

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PhD in Communications, concentration in Feminist Studies (UQAM)

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Holding a PhD in Communications with a concentration in Feminist Studies, Catherine Bourassa-Dansereau has been a professor in the Social and Public Communications Department at UQAM since 2015. Her fields of expertise include interpersonal communication, intercultural communication and feminists studies. She is a member of different research groups linked to her interests, such as the Groupe d’études et de recherches axées sur la communication international et interculturelle (GERACII), the Institut de recherches et d’études féministes (IREF) and the Réseau québécois en études féministes (RéQEF).

In the last years, Catherine has led different research projects, often in collaboration with field actors, dealing with the social issues surrounding sexuality. She is particularly interested in gender stereotypes in romantic relations, sexuality amongst young immigrants, and intersectional issues characterizing the junction between racism and sexism in immigrant and refugee women in Montreal. Here are some research projects amongst her works:


  1. Sexuality and identity negotiation strategies among young Montrealers of second generation immigration: social, religious and numerical technologies affiliations (FRQSC, 2017-2020),
  2. Intercultural intervention among immigrant and refugee women in Quebec: what place and what contributions of feminist approaches in intervention practices? (CRSH, 2019-2021), and
  3. Socio Numerical media and recruitment for sexual exploitation of minors: what uses, what impacts, what intervention avenues? (2018-2021)

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Written articles