Flash Day: Tattooed for Sexual Diversity


"Flash Day: Tattooing for Sexual Diversity" is a project that consists of a weekend of fundraising carried out by tattooers and a media campaign, in collaboration with a photographer and non-profit organizations.All money raised during the flash-days will be donated to three LGBTQ2IA+ non-profit organizations (NPOs).

The project is directed by Lou Bonnet, queer artist and sexology student, currently working as an intern at Les 3 sex*.



Camille Dubuc (2019)

Les 3 sex* will work alongside Camille Dubuc, a young queer photographer who decided to initiate her own take on this project, by representing the beauty and symbolism of tattooing, the tattoo-ers, and those tattoo-ed via photographic portraits, collages and short interviews. Camille is experienced in the use of different medias and with queer//LGBTQiIA+ members of the community. She works in a safer space atmosphere where authenticity is put forward.

The artists and tattoo clients will be photographed and interviewed, explaining what tattooing means for them (in regards to their identity, their relationship with (their) bodies and intimacy, with art, etc.; there’s no wrong answer!). Consent forms will be distributed and signed for copyright and ethical reasons.



According to Lou Bonnet:

When we tattoo, questions about our relationship with our body (or the client’s body) and intimacy tend to arise. For members of the queer or LGBTQ2IA+ community, tattoos can become therapeutic, an act of self-care and of reappropriation of one’s identity (Huang, 2016; Jones, 2009). Historically, tattooing has always been more than just art on a body , and I’m interested in this reality through it’s sexological and sociological relevance(Farley et al., 2019).

This project contributes to the mission of Les 3 sex*, which is to promote sexual rights, sexual health and sexual education by producing awareness campaigns, projects and activities intended for the general Canadian population in order to insure the sharing of sexual health knowledge and the progress of sexual rights.



The volunteering artists, a great majority of whom come from Montreal's queer community, have been selected for their creative and high-quality work.

Five artists per day will be present during the project for a total of ten artists for the flash week-end.

Get to know each artist's work by visiting their Instagram page:

• marie.moi

• gro.tesque

• tyranniedubuzz

• luce__je

• louzink

• astoria.tattoo

• dranem.bag

• laclaude.tattoo

• sin.saiko

• oya.s.tattoos

The artists will be photographed and/or filmed (with consent) in a reasonable measure in order to prevent any disturbance during the tattooing process.



To attend the event, you need to reserve a spot by paying a 20$ deposit (the deposit will be deduced from the tattoo price).

To confirm your reservation, you then have to fill out a form where you will choose your preferred time-slot and favourite artists.The form will be available at the end of January.

* All of the eight invited artists will be revealed in January, and you’ll then be able to fill out the form. In the meantime, if you want to save a spot, you can make the $20 deposit to get priority at the official registration opening.

Saturday February 22 - Time slot
▶ 1:00pm to 5:00pm
▶ 6:00 à 10:00pm

Sunday February 23 - Time slot
▶12:00 to 4:00pm
▶5:00pm to 9:00pm


Places are limited. You can choose multiple time-slots and preferred artists to increase your chance of getting a spot. People who don’t get their spot will get their deposit back. It’s mandatory to choose at least one time slot and one artist.

Book a spot (20$)

Important information

  • Each tattoo is unique and you will be able to choose yours during the event
  • Tattoo will cost between 60$ and 140$
  • You can change your mind and refuse the tattoo. However, the 20$ deposit will not be refundable
  • It is mandatory to fill out the consent form (one for the tattoo and one for the photo project)
  • You can pay by credit card, Interac transfer, or cash


6560 av. de l'Esplanade, 304A, Montréal



After the event, the form will be used to calculate the amount allocated to each charity organization.