JEARS 2019 ✦ 7th Edition Symposium Proceedings


It is with great pride that we present to you the symposium proceedings from this year's Journée étudiante annuelle de la recherche en sexologie (JEARS) from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). JEARS promotes the exchange and development of sexological knowledge between students since 2013. 

The symposium proceedings from the 7th edition of JEARS present four articles that focus on an array of subjects using a variety of methodologies which reaffirm the plural nature of contemporary sexology.

The scientific panel of the 2019 JEARS extends its thanks to the association of graduate students in Sexology and the Student Life Services at UQAM and the Sexology department at UQAM for their support and their invaluable collaboration. 

It is possible to consult the symposium proceedings in a PDF version directly through your internet browser. However, opening the PDF may make it difficult for certain hyperlinks to function. Consequently, we advise you to download the document and open it with the help of the appropriate software format. 



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Gauthier-Duchesne, A., Maiorano, S. and Descheneaux, J. (dir.) (2020). Actes de colloque de la 7e édition de la Journée étudiante annuelle de la recherche en sexologie. Les 3 sex*.