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Development and Initial Validation of the Beliefs About Sexual Functioning Scale: A Gender Invariant Measure

15 March 2017

Publication Date
March 2017

Original Abstract
Past research on cognitive models of sexual functioning has focused on sexual beliefs as an important vulnerability factor for sexual dysfunction. However, the existing measurements of sexual beliefs are lengthy and entangle beliefs about sexual functioning with moral beliefs and ideas about sexuality. Furthermore, they have female and male versions, which does not allow for sex comparisons or dyadic research with heterosexual couples. 

M. Pascoal, P., Alvarez, M-J., Pereira,. C. R. and Nobre, P. (2017). Development and initial validation of the beliefs abouts sexual functioning scale: a gender invariant measure. Journal of Sexual Medicine. DOI: 10.1016/j.jsxm.2017.01.021.

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