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The Associations Between Substance Use, Sexual Behaviors, Bullying, Deviant Behaviors, Health, and Cyber Dating Abuse Perpetration

22 March 2017

Publication Date
April 2017

Original Abstract
Dating violence is an important public health concern and is considered to be a form of school violence. While digital technologies have enabled perpetrators of dating violence to target their victims online (cyber dating abuse), little is known about how this form of perpetration relates to specific adolescent risk behaviors.

This brief research report focuses on the associations between substance use, sexual behaviors, deviant behaviors, self-reported health, and cyber dating abuse perpetration. Participants included 705 ethnically diverse adolescents (n = 408; 57.9% female) in Southeast Texas. Having had sexual intercourse or using alcohol or drugs before having sex was significantly linked with cyber dating abuse perpetration, as was poor physical health, and substance use.

Consistent with limited research, we found a link between cyber dating abuse and engagement in bullying behaviors.

The discussion section includes suggestions for school nurse practice and further research.

Van Ouytsel, J., D. Torres, E., Choi, H.J. and R. Temple, J. (2017) The association between substance use, sexual behaviors, bullying, deviant behaviors, health, and cyber dating abuse perpetration.The Journal of School Nursing, vol. 33(2). DOI: 10.1177/1059840516683229.

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