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Dossier • Celibacy From a New Positive Perspective

14 February 2020

On November 4, 2019, Emma Watson stated “I am very happy being single. I call it being self-partnered” in response to a question about her relationship status (British Vogue, 2019).

Her seemingly surprising (?) answer quickly became viral and caused many to reflect. It is in this context that Les 3 sex* started its own reflection and decided to invite its community to express themselves on the reality of the various representations of celibacy.

Whether voluntary or involuntary, celibacy is a peculiar reality in a world dominated by the relational configuration of the couple, most often heterosexual, cisgender and monogamous.

Implicitly, this dominating discourse suggests that celibacy is a temporary status, and that every single person will eventually be in a relationship at some point, if not, they will be unhappy. The idea of living a single life without actively looking to end this situation provokes surprise, misunderstanding and even mistrust, which is even greater when it comes to a “voluntarily” single woman.

Through an article backed by many stories, we try to explore and demystify this subject.

celibacy, single, self-partnership, voluntary celibacy, relationship status, couple, incomprehension, sense of belonging, discrimination, stigma, life course, norm, failure, happiness, model, love, fulfillment, privilege, prejudice, social pressures, pain


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