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Video • The Lust Ed Video Series

6 April 2020
Maxe Tremblay-Bluteau

Tool's Title
The Lust Ed Video Series [➦]

✎ English

Target Audience
• Adults

• Vidéo

Between 9 and 32 minutes

Conception by
Erika Lust

Release Date and Last Update
First Video released in 2019, videos still released to continue the series as of April 2020

The Lust Ed is a fun, free, explicit video series for people craving expert advice on sex, pleasure, kinks & sexual health. Presented by The Erika Lust Blog, all installments of this video series will be available exclusively on this blog.

*** Note that this description was found on the Erika Lust Blog. ***

Official Reference
Lust, E. (2019). The Lust Ed Video Series. Retrieved from https://erikalust.com/lustzine/tag/the-lust-ed 

To Access the Tool
Fetish Coaching with Tyomi Morgan, JetSetting Jasmine and King Noire 

An Explicit Guide to Squirting with Kali Sudhra! 

Couples Who Masturbate Together Stay Together – with Kim and Paolo

Bucking Off – A Trans Perspective on Masturbation with Buck Angel 

Daisy Ducati’s Explicit Guide to Anal Sex

An Explicit Guide to Sex & Sexuality in Pregnancy

Safer Vulva & Vulva Sex With Kali Sudhra and Katana 

BDSM Therapy & Impact Play with Mistress Velvet 

Safe Fisting for All Genders with Dion de Rossi

An Explicit Guide to Multiple Orgasms with Kenneth Play

Saran Wrap Bondage with Tyomi Morgan, Jet Setting Jasmine, and King Noire

Clarifications by the Review Team
BDSM, penis, vulva, vagina, ass, erotism, sexual diversity, safe sex


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