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The care path of sexual offenders: From court decision to therapy

9 April 2020

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09 April 2020

Original abstract

Objectives: This article proposes to study the path of care of perpetrators of sexual abuse. In a classic version of this course, we start it when the person is charged. Here we want to report on the many steps, the many professionals she will have to meet. It is difficult to understand the number and nature of the assessments that the perpetrator of sexual abuse will have to pass. It also seems that depending on the location, on professionals, it will not encounter the same devices, procedures and same practices. On the judges’ side, we will be able to observe strategies in the appointment of psychiatric experts. On the latter side, we will see profound differences in practice. From the point of view of care, we will distinguish between care during incarceration and after incarceration, which in the French legal framework do not have the same criteria. Indeed, during incarceration, care and inducement, whereas after that, when the judgment indicates, it is either an injunction of care or an obligation of care.

Method: This article is based on a literature review. The texts convened here are part of professional literature, practice research and government reports.

Results: Thus, while the literature mentions a wealth of practices, a variety of therapeutic offers to perpetrators of sexual abuse, the visibility and structuring of these offers remains unclear. Therefore, it seems to us that a reflection around cross-sector support mechanisms would make it possible to better coordinate these takes and tasks at the same time as it would facilitate the entrance into the care.


Le Bodic, C. (2020). The care path of sexual offenders: From court decision to therapy. Sexologies. DOI: 10.1016/j.sexol.2020.03.001

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injunctions of care, perpetrators of sexual abuse, care path, therapy, assessment


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