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One Girl One Cup

2 November 2020

Tool's Title
One Girl One Cup [➦]

✎ English
✎ German

Target Audiences
• Young Adults
• Adults
• Women, trans people and non-binary people

• Website
• Video

1 min 38 sec for each video

Conception by
The Female Company and Scholz & Friends Berlin

Release Date and Last Update
2020 (no update as of the review date)

For the last couple of months we've constantly been asked by our community: How do you use a menstrual cup? Is there no tutorial? Oh yes, there is! But there's no way to explain how to use the cup without showing it. Whoever does that on social media gets censored. Why? Because there’s no distinction between pornographic content and education. To break the taboo around menstrual education, we created the first explicit tutorial ever. And as we can’t show it on Instagram, we chose to show it on alternative sex platforms.

Official Reference
The Female Company. (2020). One Girl One Cup.


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Clarifications by the Review Team
menstruation, menstrual cup, tutorial, blood, explicit, éducation sexuelle, alternative platforms, period, to be on their period, menstrual products, hygienic products


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