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Human Sex Map • Interactive Website

30 November 2020

Tool's Title
Human Sex Map [➦]

✎ English

Target Audience
• Adults

• Website


Conception by
Franklin Veaux

Release Date and Last Update

Official Description

*** Note that this tool has several limitations raised by the Review Team. See section Clarifications by the Review Team for further information.***

The Map of Human Sexuality is a poster and interactive Website intended to show in a humorous way the scope and extent of the human sexual experience. Hang it on the wall, and push pins into it to show where you've been!

This is a fun thing to have up in your living room or bedroom. The poster includes a glossary of some of the more unusual practices and terms, and might just give you some new sex ideas to try in the bedroom. Interestingly, I've even received an email from a couples therapist who says he uses the Map to help get his clients talking about sex.

*** Note that this description was written by Franklin Veaux. ***

Official Reference 
Veaux, F. (n. d.). A Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality.


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Clarifications by the Review Team
fantasies, BDSM, erotica, play, kink, sexual object, pleasure, sexuality, multiple experience, fetish


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