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Adverse Childhood Experiences, Daily Worries, and Positive Thoughts: A Daily Diary Multi‐Wave Study

25 September 2018
Karolanne O'Keefe

Publication Date
July 2018

Original Abstract
Objective To examine adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) as a prospective predictor of the day‐to‐day associations between worries and positive thinking among late adolescents.

Method Cumulative ACEs were measured from parent and youth reports between the ages of 9.9 and 18.1. Late adolescents (N = 103) reported daily worries and positive thoughts across ten days.

Results Adverse childhood experiences predicted higher and more variable levels of day‐to‐day worry. Increases in positive thinking on one day predicted less next‐day worry for adolescents with low, but not high, ACE scores.

Conclusions Daily worry during late adolescence may be an important consequence of earlier exposure to ACEs. Early interventions focused on worry reduction and improved emotion regulation might mitigate worry among high‐ACE youth.

Arbel, R., Schacter, H., Daspe, M-A. and Margolin, G., (2018). Adverse childhood experiences, daily worries, and positive thoughts: a daily diary multi-wave study. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. DOI: 10.1111/bjc.12200.

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teenagers, negative toughts, experiences, emotions, worries, adults


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