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Sexual and Gender Minorities: Reporting Sexual Assault to the Police

15 March 2021

Publication Date
15 March 2021

Original Abstract

While research has shown an association between eating disorders and sexual dysfunction, few studies have examined the association between disordered eating and sexuality in non-clinical samples. Here we measured self-reported symptoms of disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, and psychological features characteristic of eating disorders in relation to sexual difficulties among a sample of n = 656 (mean age = 20.59 years) undergraduate women. Disordered eating symptoms were associated with sexual distress, sexual function problems, more cognitive distractions during sexual activity, and poorer sexual self-efficacy. Psychological features characteristic of those with an eating disorder were found to mediate the association between disordered eating and sexual concerns. These findings suggest that eating concerns are associated with sexual difficulties even among women without an eating disorder diagnosis. Further, results highlight the importance of assessing eating disorder symptoms and body dissatisfaction among those seeking treatment for sexual concerns.

Murphy-Oikonen, J. & Egan, R. (2021). Sexual and Gender Minorities: Reporting Sexual Assault to the Police. Journal of Homosexuality. https://doi.org/10.1080/00918369.2021.1892402

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sexual minority, gender minority, sexual assault, police, gender script theory, reporting sexual assault


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