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Demystification Videos: Sexual and Gender Diversity

6 April 2021

Tool's Title
Demystifications Videos [➦]

✎ English (subtitles only)
✎ French

Target Audience
• People from the LGBTQ+ communities

• Videos

Between 1 min 57 sec and 4 min 26 sec

Conception by
GRIS - Estrie

Release Date and Last Update
October 11th 2020 (updated on November 30th 2020) 


The regional group of social intervention of the Eastern Township is proud to offer a demystification service about sexual and gender diversity by broadcasting 10 videos which are financed by the government of Canada and the help of Centraide Estrie. The first three videos have been broadcasted for the international coming out day, October 11th 2020. The next seventh [have been] released in the [following] weeks.

“How did you find out about your sexual orientation?”, “Was it hard to accept your sexual orientation?”, “How did your parents react to your coming out?”: the videos answer to some questions which are up to date nowadays. Lasting up to two minutes, the videos are subtitled in English. These lead up to ten gay, lesbian, bisexual or pansexual panelists who are from the GRIS Estrie and the GRIS Montreal. From small testimonies, these people answer the most asked questions of their interventions with teenagers.

*** Note that this description was written by GRIS-Estrie. ***

Official Reference 
GRIS-Estrie. (2020). Demystification videos. https://grisestrie.org/capsules/

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Clarifications by the Review Team
sexual orientation, self-acceptance, discrimination, bullying, friendship, gender role, LGBTQ+ right, homosexual parent, public affection


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