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Sexuality Education

26 April 2021

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Sexuality Education [➦]

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Target Audiences
• Children
• Teenagers
• Health, social services and education professionals

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Conception by
Centres de services scolaires du Québec
Service national du Récit dans le domaine du développement de la personne

Release Date and Last Update
June 2019 (no update as of the review date) 


This website is a collaboration between School service centres in Quebec, LEARN, and the RÉCIT national dans le domaine du développement de la personne (The national RECIT for Personal Development). Addressed to all school staff engaged in sexuality education, the goal of this extraordinary project is to offer choices of turnkey tools for teaching, partially or completely, the content prescribed in sexuality education. 

This wide selection of resources allows you to find the one that meets your needs and that matches your teaching and learning style. In addition, many tools can be modified and adapted, provided you preserve the universal values on which the contents were based, such as equality, respect for diversity, responsibility and pleasure to name only a few.

 *** Note that this description was written by Récit, centres de services scolaires du Québec, LEARN. ***

Official Reference
Récit, Centres de services scolaires du Québec and LEARN (2019). Sexuality Education. https://educationsexualite.recitdp.qc.ca/accueil 

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The creation of tools on the Sexuality Education platform was based on the ESSA program (Sexuality Education: Learning Situations). The site is easy to use because the tools are classified according to grade levels of the students. Each topic has a file linked to a Google Drive. The number of workshops per grade level depends on ministerial objectives. All of the Ministry objectives are included as they involve workshops on body image, sexual stereotypes, and feelings of love. These workshops respect the children's stage of development.  From one year to another, the number of available workshops are similar and are between 3 to 4 workshops. On the other hand, there are five workshops available for grade 11 and two workshops for children in elementary school.  Every workshop is available in English as well as French. The topics and their related content in sexuality education on this site also correspond to the canvas of the Ministry of Education (MÉES, 2018). The workshops have been built with adequate vocabulary and examples (inclusive, non-gendered, egality, etc.). In addition, this website offers tools for HDAA students. It should also be noted that the ITSS  and pregnancy workshops use the harm reduction strategy. 

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