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Will Men Use Novel Male Contraceptive Methods and Will Women Trust Them? A Systematic Review

26 April 2021

Publication Date
26 April 2021

Original Abstract

Novel male contraceptives have been in development for almost as long as female methods, yet there are no products available on the market. Hormonal approaches tested clinically to date include the use of oral, injectable, implant and transdermal methods. The study of attitudes toward male contraception has been inconsistent and there have been no systematic reviews drawing these data together. We conducted a systematic review of the available evidence for male and female acceptability of novel male contraception. We identified 32 studies and present a narrative synthesis of quantitative data and a thematic synthesis of qualitative data. In novel drug trials, the proportion of male participants willing to use a male contraceptive ranged from 34.0% to as high as 82.3%. In studies regarding hypothetical drugs, male willingness to use ranged from 13.6% to 83.0%. High proportions of women (42.8%–94.0%) reported willingness to use a novel male method in both hypothetical studies and actual drug trials. In qualitative studies, both men and women expressed the desire to share responsibility for contraception. There is consistent interest among both men and women in novel male contraceptive methods and willingness to use them. The systematic review was registered with PROSPERO: CRD42020173281.

Reynolds-Wright, J. J., Cameron, N. J. & Anderson, R. A. (2021). Will Men Use Novel Male Contraceptive Methods and Will Women Trust Them? A Systematic Review. Annual Review of Sex Research Special Issue. https://doi.org/10.1080/00224499.2021.1905764

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male contraceptive method, oral method, injectable, method, implant method, transdermal method, systematic review


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