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In My Bag • Sexual Health Campaign for Women

6 September 2021

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In My Bag [➦]

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• Women, trans and/or non-binary people

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2015 (updated in 2020)


"In my bag” is the result of a reflective process carried out by the Women’s Committee of COCQ-SIDA, the Quebec coalition of community based HIV/AIDS organizations. This coalition brings together more than 30 community-based HIV/AIDS organizations in Quebec to encourage the emergence and support of concerted actions to, among other things, deal with issues affecting people living with HIV and the different populations at risk of contracting HIV.

Although some women are at greater risk, vulnerability to HIV is not a fixed state: at different times in her life, a woman may be faced with situations that increase her risk of HIV infection. This is why the COCQ-SIDA Women’s Committee deemed necessary to develop a campaign targeting all women in the province of Quebec, to promote sexual health and prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted and blood-borne infection (STBBIs) prevention.

On this website, you will find factual information based on notions of pleasure and taking ownership over your sexuality. In other words, it is a good thing to take care of yourself, your health and your sexual health.

To this end, the objective of the “In my bag” campaign is to:

• Build awareness among women of issues related to sexual health
• Promote different strategies to avoid HIV infection in the spirit of pleasure and sexual empowerment.

*** Note that this description was written by the COCQ-SIDA. ***

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COCQ-SIDA. (2015). In My Bag.

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STBBI, HIV, screening, prevention, pleasure, sexual health, desire, communication, self-esteem, drug use, COVID-19


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