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Illustrated Books • Artsy Boys and Smelly Girl : Book on Gender Stereotypes

11 October 2018
Carolanne Dionne

Tool's Title
Artsy Boys and Smelly Girls • Illustrated Book on Gender Stereotypes [➦]

✎ French
✎ English

Target Audiences
• Children
• People in parental/family roles
• Health, social services and education professionals

• Illustrated book
• Illustration


Conception by
Élise Gravel (author-illustrator)

Release Date and Last Update
July 2017 (January 2018 for poster “Boys can be”)

Of the book: Hey psst! Kid! You might be a boy, you might be a girl. It doesn’t matter, you can still be…

Of the posters: Here are two small posters for parents and teachers who want to breakdown sexual stereotypes. Because, of course, boys and girls can be much more than what I put on this drawing, I encourage you to have children do their own posters, emphasizing what they want to be.

*** Note that the description for the posters was translated by the review team. ***

Official Reference
Gravel, E. (2017). Artsy boys and smelly girls. [E-book]. Retrieved from:

To Access the Tool (Book) (Girls poster) (Boys poster)

Clarifications by the Review Team
sexual education, child, gender stereotypes, discussion, girls, boys, mother, father, teachers, gender, book


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