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Guide • How to Talk About Sex? Education for Young People With Trisomy 21

11 October 2018
Sophie D. Morin

Tool's Title
How to Talk About Sex? Education for Young People With Trisomy 21[➦]

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Target Audience
Parents of teens and young adults with trisomy 21

• Practical Guide


Conception by
Sophie Bédard, intern in sexology for RT21

Release Date and Last Update
2018 (no update as of the review date)

The sexuality of people with trisomy 21 is often over- looked. It is still common to believe that they are not interested in sex, and therefore it is useless to talk to them about it. Yet these people have sexual and emotional needs and desires, and they often have the urge to be in a relationship. An appropriate education can enable your child to develop their sexuality in a healthy and satisfying manner. It is also a way to prevent sexual abuse. It is important to provide them with information and guidance to enable them to understand their desires and needs, and to help them adopt socially acceptable, safe and respectful behaviors. This guide aims to introduce you to the sexual education needs of your teenager or young adult, to answer your questions, and to equip you as an educator.

*** Note that this description was written by Sophie Bédard. ***

Official Reference 
Bédard, S. (2018). A practical guide to sexual education for parents of teens and young adults with trisomy 21. Retrieved from

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sex, sexuality, people with Down syndrome, Trisomy 21, sexual education, positive sexuality, communication, desires, healthy sexuality, prevention, sexual assault


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