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Call for Stories • Plural Relationships: experiences, challenges and well-being

13 May 2022

The last few decades have seen significant changes in the ways romantic and sexual relationships are lived, entered, and experienced.

It is in this context that we see new forms of relationships gradually gaining visibility. This is especially true in circumstances where sexual and/or romantic exclusivity are no longer applicable.

The concept of “the couple” has particularly changed as it is no longer considered as a necessary and exclusive experience. It has evolved to become a less rigid concept, welcoming diversity and plurality in partnerships. Whether it is an experience of a sexual relationship that involves several partners, libertinism, plural love, an open couple - or any variation of polyamory - these non-exclusive relationships are undoubtedly gaining more and more visibility. These relationships find themselves grouped under various names: pluri-partnership, plural relationships, or even ethical non-monogamous relationships. However, they remain a mostly unknown, unstudied, and prejudiced concept.

Les 3 sex* has launched a call for papers in an effort to draw attention to plural relationships and contribute to the education surrounding it. This is an opportunity that aims to highlight the reality of the people involved in plural partnerships so their thoughts, experiences and opinions.

The selected texts will be available under the Articles section of the website at the end of 2022.


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