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Guide for a safer practice of sugaring • Some Info About… Sugaring

14 April 2023

Tool's Title
Some Info About… Sugaring []

✎ English
✎ French

Target Audiences
• Teenagers
• Young adults
• People working in the sex work field

• Practical guide


Conception by

Release Date and Last Update
2021 (no update as of the review date)

The PIaMP notes that the practice of sugaring is often sensationalized in public spaces or is, at least, often presented without the appropriate nuances. The often attractive portrayals of sugaring and the tendency not to label it as "real" sex work can lead people to turn to the practice, even when these people have no prior experience with the exchange of sexual services. What is therefore concerning is that sugar babies may enter into this type of relationship without being aware of the potential challenges and risks involved and without the benefit of the resources and supportive community created by and for sex workers. Nevertheless, sugaring can be a positive experience for some people and the important thing is for them to have access to relevant, accurate and nuanced information in order to make informed decisions.

With this in mind, the PIaMP wanted to create a tool in French to educate people about the realities of this practice without resorting to sensationalism.

For this purpose, Lola, PIaMP's peer helper and sugar baby, with the collaboration of the work team, has drawn on her experiences to offer a guide that provides
a better understand of sugaring relationships and how they are organized;
an increased awareness of the challenges that can arise;
access to the tools needed to overcome these obstacles and make informed decisions;
an increased awareness of the resources available to help.

*** Note that this description was written by le PIaMP. ***

Official Reference
PIaMP. (2021). Sugaring - Guide for a safer practice. https://piamp.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Guide-Sugaring-EN-575X875.pdf 

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Clarifications by the Review Team
sugar baby, sugar daddy, sugar mommy, sexual exchange, obstacle, age, consent, boundary, compensation, violence, manipulation, resource


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