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Resilience Pathways, Childhood Escape Routes, and Mentors Reported by Gay and Bisexual Men Affected by Syndemic Conditions

25 October 2018
Karolanne O'Keefe

Publication Date
October 2018

Original Abstract
Investigation of the social and psychological antecedents of the HIV epidemic has identified a syndemic of conditions associated with risk behavior and seroconversion.

This study inquires into the resilient practices and developmental processes of gay and bisexual men at the nexus of syndemic conditions to understand the pathways that lead to health problems or well-being. Interviews with 40 men identified branching pathways from home environments into schools that either offer refuge or a regime of gender discipline and bullying. Some found escape routes from hostile environments in worlds of books, pop culture, or internet chat. In adolescence, one set of men identified the development of sexual relationships with older men as a lifeline that brought a measure of emotional growth.

This study points to resilience pathways and social resources that could make a difference in the lives of those deemed to be “high risk.”.

Barry. D, A., A. Hart, T., Mohr, J., Coleman, T.A. and Vernon, J. (2018). Resilience pathways, chilhood escape routes, and mentors reported by gay and bisexual men affected by syndemic conditions. Sexualities. DOI: 10.1177/13634607187758663.

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men, homosexuality, HIV, sexual behaviors, risks, health, well-being, resilience, childhood, adolescence


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