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Women’s Sexual Communication With Their Peers and it’s Association With Sexual Well-Being

29 November 2018
Karolanne O'Keefe

Publication date
October 2018

Original abstract
Communication about sex is an important variable in sexual well-being, but sex remains a taboo topic, particularly for women. This study explores women’s peer sexual communication, and its association with their sexual well-being.

A survey (N = 617) showed that women tend to solicit expressive, rather than instrumental, sexual communication from other women. Regression analyses revealed that peer sexual communication is associated with higher sexual self-efficacy, and sexual self-esteem, but also higher risky sexual norms perceptions. Peer sexual communication appears to be a potential vehicle for disseminating sexual information, as long as women have accurate and empowering information to start with.

Pariera, K. (2018). Women’s sexual communication with their peers and it’s association with sexual wellbeing. International Journal of Sexual Health. DOI: 10.1080/19317611.2018.1491923.

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sexual communication, sexual wellbeing, women, couple, empowering, efficiency, self esteem


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