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Trust, Sexual Trust, and Sexual Health : An Interrogative

29 November 2018
Karolanne O'Keefe

Publication date
October 2018

Original abstract
Trust is experienced almost constantly in all forms of social and interpersonal relationships, including sexual relationships, and may contribute both directly and indirectly to sexual health.

The purpose of this review is to link three aspects of trust to sexual health: (1) the role of trust in sexual relationships; (2) the role of trust in sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention, particularly condom use; and (3) the relevance of trust in sexual relationships outside of the traditional model of monogamy.

The review ends with consideration of perspectives that could guide new research toward understanding the enigmas of trust in partnered sexual relations in the context of sexual and public health.

Fortenberry, J. Dennis (2018). Trust, sexual trust, and sexual health: an interrogative. The Journal of Sex Research. DOI: 10.1080/00224499.2018.1523999.

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sexual relationship, interpersonal relationship, sexual health, condom use, ITSS, prevention, monogamy couple, trust


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