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Preventing Program • ViRAJ

7 December 2018
Sophie D. Morin

Tool's Title
ViRAJ : A Program for Teens Promoting Equality and Preventing Violence in Teen Dating Relationships [➦] 

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Target Audience

Education and/or awareness program
Awareness posters

2 sessions of 75 minutes

Conception by
Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Health and Social Services

Release Date and Last Update
1994 (updated in 2015)

The ViRAJ Program, a dating violence prevention program for teens, was launched in 1989. Since 1994, the Quebec Minister of Education has made the program available throughout Quebec with the support of the Minister of Health and Social Services. The ViRAJ Program targets 14- and 15-year old students enrolled in their third year of secondary school.

The ViRAJ Program is made up of two 75-minute sessions dealing with dating relationships including supplementary activities such as writing a letter of support to a victim. The two primary themes are :

1) Abusive behaviour within dating relationships with examples 

2) The rights of the two dating partners. 

The ViRAJ program was reedited in 2009 after a formative evaluation with 1,000 students.

*** Note that this description was written by the conceptors of the program. ***

Official Reference
Lavoie, F., Hotton-Paquet, V., Laprise, S., & Joyal-Lacerte, F. (2015). ViRAJ : A Program for Teens Promoting Equality and Preventing Violence in Teen Dating Relationships. Activity Guide, ISBN 978-2-9814335-3-4 (translation of 2nd edition, 2009, PDF). Québec: Université Laval, 113 pages.

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Clarifications by the Review Team
Violence, relationship, youth, prevention, program, consent, rights, respect, control, love partner


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