Avant-garde in sexology, the magazine

28 March 2019

Originally published in French, this 80-page magazine is proudly created to be both serious and accessible. It contains articles which provoke critical reflection, but you can also pick up a copy and read it for fun. This journal fits on a shelf with scientific articles, but also on a living room table with other magazines.

A magazine that presents a diversity of points of view and allows to reflect on the issues related to human sexuality.

Available from April 9, 2019 for the printed version and in May, 2019 for the electronic version (French only). 

In order to make the content of the magazine as accessible as possible, Les 3 sex* offers you some of the texts present in the magazine here:

  1. Critical Sexology by Paméla Plourde
  2. XX(X) Movies: a Look at Feminist Pornography by Michelle Bergeron-Deschênes, Alexandra Fournier and Myriam Pomerleau 
  3. Gaming community by Marion Bertrand-Huot
  4. by Catherine Gareau-Blanchard
  5. Sexologists Under the Spotlight by Julie Lemay
  6. Violence, Sexuality and Discrimination : Intersectional Research Leading to Concrete Actions by Catherine Rousseau
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