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27 September 2021

Les 3 sex* Launches into Publishing

Originally published in French, Les 3 Sex* print magazines are both critical and accessible. Magazines that we consult when we want to develop our critical mind, but that we can browse through when we want to be entertained. Magazines that we put away with our scientific works, but that we can also leave on our living room table alongside other magazines.

Magazines allow us to present diverse points of view and allow us to reflect on issues related to human sexuality.


Magazine 002 Sexualités oubliées

The second edition of the print magazine by Les 3 sex* focuses on the theme “Forgotten Sexualities”. With this theme, Les 3 sex* wishes to address the stranglehold of normative currents on sexualities, by tackling subjects that are usually pushed aside, neglected and misunderstood, because they are very taboo or not often represented as being “sexy”. Divided into four files, each of which has a forgotten subject as their theme (i.e., sexuality and disabilities, sexuality and cults, sexuality and seniors, sexuality and religions), this magazine combines academic rigour with dynamic and varied formats.

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Magazine 001 Avant-Garde

This first issue focuses on the avant-garde in sexology. Why the avant-garde? Because it reveals unexplored issues, unanswered questions where debates and exchanges are valued and where critical thinking develops. Les 3 sex* does not believe in the wishful thinking of an objective and apolitical sexology. The new sexology wants to be interdisciplinary, critical, and conscious of its own subjectivity. It is with this in mind that this first issue is offered.

Available from April 9, 2019 for the printed version and in May, 2019 for the electronic version (French only). 

In order to make the content of the magazine as accessible as possible, Les 3 sex* offers you some of the texts present in the magazine here:

  1. Critical Sexology by Paméla Plourde
  2. XX(X) Movies: a Look at Feminist Pornography by Michelle Bergeron-Deschênes, Alexandra Fournier and Myriam Pomerleau 
  3. Gaming community, a feminine issue by Marion Bertrand-Huot
  4. The reappropriation of derogatory terms by women: a power move? by Catherine Gareau-Blanchard
  5. Sexologists Under the Spotlight by Julie Lemay
  6. Violence, Sexuality and Discrimination : Intersectional Research Leading to Concrete Actions by Catherine Rousseau
  7. 5 Instagram accounts to follow by Eden Fournier
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