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Immigration Status and Sex Work • Brochure

9 September 2019

Tool's Title
Immigration status and sex work [➦]

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Target Audience
• Persons engaged in sex work

• Brochure


Conception by
Chez Stella

Release Date and Last Update
October, 2015 (no update as of the date of the review)

This document provides information for persons who offer sexual and/or erotic services and are in Canada without Canadian citizenship.

This document should not be taken as legal advice. This is a tool offered to sex workers so that we may improve living and working conditions. This information is not intended to influence anyone to commit illegal acts.

Immigration law and criminal law are complex. This document does not contain everything that sex workers need to know: it provides general information that will help them to understand these issues better and to encourage them to speak to people they can trust about their particular situation.

*** Note that this description was written by Chez Stella. ***

Official Reference
Organization Chez Stella. (2015). Immigration status and sex work. Retrived from https://www.nswp.org/sites/nswp.org/files/Immigration%20Status%20and%20Sex%20Work%2C%20Stella%20-%20October%202015.pdf

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Clarifications by the Review Team
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