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Human Asexuality: What Do We Know About a Lack of Sexual Attraction?

8 February 2017

Publication Date
February 2017

Original Abstract
Purpose of ReviewThis paper reviews the recent literature on human asexuality, which is generally defined as an absence of sexual attraction. Recent FindingsRecent work has focused on exploring whether asexuality is best conceptualized as a mental health difficulty, a sexual dysfunction, a paraphilia, a sexual orientation, or as an identity/community, and this literature is reviewed.

The authors conclude that asexuality may best be thought of as a sexual orientation and that asexuality as an identity and a community is an important component of the asexual experience.

Overall, the term asexuality likely describes a heterogeneous group of individuals, with a range of experiences. Asexuality is likely a normal variation in the experience of human sexuality, and future research into asexuality might inform our understanding of sexuality in general.

Yule, M.A., Brotto, L. and B. Gorzalka, B. (2017). Asexualité : que savons-nous sur le manque d’attirance sexuelle? Current Sexual Health Reports. DOI: 10. 1007/s11930-017-0100-y.

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