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Case File • Childfree: Between Freedom and Stigma

19 September 2019

Choosing not to be a parent is one of the “last great taboos” in our society (Baribeau, 2015).

It is for this reason that Les 3 sex*, pursuing its mandate to promote sexual health and rights, has addressed this issue.

From this perspective, it seemed essential to us to put forward the voices of people living without children by choice. Why did they decide not to have children? What are their experiences, opinions, and perspectives? What is their reality? What challenges do they face?

To collect these experiences, Les 3 sex* organized a call for texts to gather stories of people who identify as childfree.

Several people replied to this call. You can now read their stories here.

This case file will first offer you a contextualization on the subject in the form of an article. What is the childfree movement? Who belongs to this movement? Why do certain people decide to live without children?

In a quest to exchange co-constructed knowledge where highlighting sexual health issues is at the heart of our mission, Les 3 sex* offers you this case file to better understand the society in which we operate.


The publication of this case file coincides with World Childless Week which aims, among other things, to highlight the experiences of childless people. This choice is conscious, since non-parenthood is subject to stigma, whether it is by choice or not. However, it is important to stress that these two realities differ and that this case file is only about childfree people. For more information on childless people and World Childless Week, click here.


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Gareau, E. (2019, September 19). Case File • Childfree: Between Freedom and Stigma. Les 3 sex*. https://les3sex.com/en/news/801/dossier-childfree-entre-liberte-et-stigmatisation 

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