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Bisexual Men with Bisexual and Monosexual Genital Arousal Patterns

1 December 2019

Publication Date
05 September 2019

Original Abstract
Some research suggests that bisexual-identified men show bisexual genital arousal, whereas other research indicates monosexual arousal: they are aroused to one sex only. These seemingly contradictory findings may be due to the type of men identifying as bisexual and the performed analyses. We examined whether both bisexual and monosexual arousal patterns could co-occur within the same sample. 114 men of different sexual orientations viewed erotic videos of males or females while their penile circumference was measured. On average, bisexual-identified men were more aroused to males than females, and especially if they identified as “bisexual leaning gay.” However, also on average, bisexual men showed bisexual arousal, and especially if they were “bisexual leaning straight”. Furthermore, there was more variability in the arousal patterns of bisexual-identified men, compared with other men. Based on their physiological sexual arousal, bisexual men appear to be a more diverse group than men who identified as heterosexual or homosexual.

Slettevold, E., Holmes, L., Gruia, D., Nyssen, C.P., Watts-Overall, T.M., and Rieger, G. (2019). Bisexual men with bisexual and monosexual genital arousal patterns. Biological Psychology. DOI: 10.1016/j.biopsycho.2019.107763.

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sexual orientation, sexual arousal, bisexuality


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