Magazine 002 - Sexualités oubliées (French only)


This second issue is the product of a full year’s worth of labour carried out by some twenty collaborators.

The second edition of Les 3 sex*’s print magazine focuses on the theme “Forgotten Sexualities”. With this theme, Les 3 sex* wishes to address the stranglehold of normative currents on sexualities by tackling subjects that are usually pushed aside, neglected, and misunderstood, because they are very taboo or not often represented as “sexy”. Divided into four files, each of which has a forgotten subject as their theme (i.e., sexuality and disabilities, sexuality and cults, sexuality and seniors, sexuality and religions), this magazine combines academic rigour with dynamic and varied formats.

This edition aims to be both critical and accessible. A magazine that we consult when we want to develop our critical mind, but that we can browse through when we want to be entertained. A publication that we put away along with our scientific works, but that we can also leave on our living room table alongside other magazines.

Because the passion for human sexuality goes beyond the framework of our professions.

Fight. Differently. Now.


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