What does a Les 3 sex* subscription include?

Les 3 sex* is a lot more than just a magazine. It’s a nonprofit organization with over 20 volunteers, which uses donations and funding to continue to develop its mission and expand its outreach. With a 45$ annual membership, you support the organization and encourage the development of new projects. Want to find out more? Click here.

By subscribing, you’re sending the message that our mission is important, legitimate, and essential.

By subscribing, you become a member of a community that takes the fight for sexual health to heart.

By subscribing, you thank us for what we have done so far, and encourage us to continue our work.

Besides providing you an opportunity for social engagement, Les 3 sex* will thank you by:

  • Sending you, once a month, an update about current projects and new developments, for you to know how your donation is being used
  • Giving you priority access to pre-orders for products related to our projects (for example, the next edition of our #portetacause collection)
  • Giving you priority access to registration for our special events (for example, debate meeting)
  • Sending you the first notifications for volunteer opportunities within the organization and job offers linked to our projects.

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