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Les 3 sex* relies on outside contributions to supply the articles and stories sections of its online magazine. By writing for Les 3 sex*, you are taking part in the creation of a platform of exchange, discussion and raising awareness on the various sexological challenges that shocks our society. By writing for Les 3 sex*, you are taking part in the sustainable fight for sexual health. 

You can contribute by submitting an article or a story. For more information, you can write to our team.


Editorial Policy

Les 3 sex * strives to adapt its content in accordance with its inclusive writing policy. However, considering that some articles are submitted by external authors, these texts may not represent all gender identities. Our editorial policy is presented in our guide Apprendre à nous écrire: guide et politique d'écriture inclusive (French only).

Please note that even if ideological changes occur in future years, Les 3 sex* has no responsibility to modify the text or to stop its publication.


Writing an Article

What is an article?

An article is a text that allows you to highlight a sexological challenge or problem, or to take a stance on one of those. It is an intellectually rigorous, non-discriminatory text based on varied, reliable and up-to-date sources. The article must:

  • Be written by professionals or academics in sexology or a related field;
  • Be written in French;
  • Be 1,500 to 2,000 words long, excluding references;
  • Favor inclusive writing;
  • Include references presented according to the APA style.
  • Be adapted for online publication. Feel free to include images, videos or other visual aids to make the article more interactive.

For more information, please download the writing guide below. Respecting the above conditions is crucial. Non-compliance will result in an automatic refusal of the text without evaluation by the reading committee. Each author can submit more than one text.

Reviewing the Articles

The Reading Committee is formed by experienced members of the professional and academic community under the supervision of Emmanuelle Gareau. For the sake of objectivity, texts are submitted to the members of the Reading Committee without the name of the authors.


Writing a Story

What is a story?

A story is a text retelling personal experience that references the feelings and emotions felt by the author. Texts can be anonymous. The subject must be related to sexology. Conditions:

  • 500 to 1,500 words;
  • In French;
  • Open to anyone.

Stories are meant to raise the community’s awareness to the emotional reality of sexological challenges.

Download the Stories’ Form (French only)

Selecting Your Text

If your text is selected and you agree to pursue the publishing process with us, you agree to:

  • Work with Les 3 sex*’s editing team to review your text. This process can take from three to eight weeks. Articles may take longer;
  • Accept that your text is published both in French and in English on Les 3 sex*’s online platform and on social media;
  • Refrain from submitting or publishing your text on another written or online platform (in some cases, you can ask the person in charge of articles);
  • Accept that Les 3 sex * has no obligation to modify the text or stop its publication admitting ideological or informative changes emerging in future years.