Share, inform, and mobilize: At the heart of our mission

Members of our team continually surveys the various sexological tools that are available. Education programs, clinical scales, mobile apps, pedagogical guides, and more. If you become a member, you can share your knowledge and participate in evaluating tools which you have used.



La publicité et la violence masculine • Awareness Program

15 May 2019
*Content only available in French. ...

Sex Work on the Hill : Advocacy guide

13 June 2019
*Content only available in french...

8 questions about PrEP for guys • Brochure

21 October 2019
This brochure is about using PrEP to prevent HIV through sex, but PrEP also works to help prevent HIV transmission if you share needles to inject drugs....

Accueillir et accompagner les femmes ayant des limitations fonctionnelles • Guide

14 October 2019
*Content only available in French...

ACSEXE+ • Multimedia project

24 September 2019
ACSEXE+ is a multimedia project initiated in 2015 with the objective of creating a space where it is possible to speak positively about the sexualities...

Agissons ensemble • Outils de prévention d'exploitation sexuelle

11 October 2018
*information only available in French...

Agression Sexuelle - Processus socio-judiciaire • Vidéo

15 March 2019
*Content only available in French. ...

Alix • Online safer space

9 September 2019
Alix is a safe space to address the violence experienced by LGBTQ+ communities. Alix gives you the opportunity to report the violence you experienced in a completely anonymous way....

BDSM jouez safe • Guide

10 January 2019
*Content only available in French ...

C’est ta vie • Livre d’éducation à la sexualité pour enfants

6 February 2019
*Content only available in French....

Clit-me • Mobile Application

7 October 2019
By trying out different motion “techniques” on their Smartphones to figure out what makes it happy, Clit Me...

Club sexu • Média spécialisé

16 September 2019
*Content only available in French...

D’où viennent les bébés? • Livre éducatif

18 November 2018
*Content only available in French ...

Dépistage du VIH et des ITSS • Carte interactive

12 October 2018
*information only available in French...

Entre caresses et baisers, une ITSS s’est faufilée… • Brochure informative

12 October 2018
*information only available in French...

État Brut : Corps sexués • Banque d'images

14 February 2019
*Content only available in French. ...