At the Heart of our Mission:  Share, Inform, and Mobilize

Members of our team continually survey various sexological tools. Education programs, clinical scales, mobile apps, pedagogical guides, and more. If you become a volunteer-member of Les 3 sex* you can share your knowledge and participate in evaluating such tools. If you have any comments or questions about the Tools section, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


BDSM : les règles du jeu

6 October 2020
*This tool is only available in French....

Clique sur toi! • Application web

27 September 2022
*Content only available in French. ...

Consent • Illustrated Poster

12 October 2018
Here’s a little comic I made to explain consent to children (and their grown-ups). ...

Cultivons le consentement • Educational Game

5 September 2022
*Content only available in French. ...

Culture of consent • Tool Kit for Young People

7 December 2020
“Culture of Consent” aims to prevent and oppose sexual harassment and encourage a culture of consent in high schools and communities....

Delicate Spots • Educational Game and Companion Guide

21 March 2022
Delicate Spots is a web application designed to prevent sexual violence among young people. It deals with sex-related topics, such as first sexual experiences and sexual violence....

Empreinte Program • Prevention of Sexual Violence

11 November 2018
Empreinte – Agir ensemble contre les agressions à caractère sexuel is a new sexual violence prevention program for highschool students, their parents and school staff. ...

Éveil • Podcast

7 February 2022
*This tool is only available in French....

Every Body Curious

23 March 2020
Every Body Curious is a safe place where kids can talk openly and honestly about sexuality, the body and healthy relationships!...

Gearing Up to Get Down

5 January 2020
Regular testing is an important part of sexual health. Lots of STIs are treatable. Knowing if you have an STI like HIV is the first step to keeping yourself and your partners healthy....

It’s not violent • Animation Guide

24 January 2022
The «It’s not violent» awareness campaign is primarily aimed at youth aged 15 to 25 and lends itself to a variety of educational interventions. The platform presents 5 distinct vignettes, each exploring different forms of non-physical violence....

It’s Not Violent • Educational game

17 February 2020
For its campaign It’s not violent, SOS violence conjugale wants to raise awareness among 15-25 year-olds about the first signs of psychological violence. On the digital platform, users are invited to discover the subtle forms that domestic violence can take. ...

J'aurais dû... : un film sur le consentement

14 September 2020
*This tool is only available in French....

Jouissance Club • Une cartographie du plaisir

9 February 2021
*This tool is only available in French....

Kids in the know : an interactive safety education program to empower children and reduce their risk of victimization.

13 December 2021
Kids in the Know is an interactive safety education program designed to increase the personal safety of children and help reduce their risk of victimization. The core foundation of the program is based on 7 Root Safety Strategies and 4 Root Safety Environments....