At the Heart of our Mission:  Share, Inform, and Mobilize

Members of our team continually survey various sexological tools. Education programs, clinical scales, mobile apps, pedagogical guides, and more. If you become a volunteer-member of Les 3 sex* you can share your knowledge and participate in evaluating such tools. If you have any comments or questions about the Tools section, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


Card Games • Sexe & Santé : en savoir plus sur …

16 April 2024
*Content only available in French....

Clinique de santé mentale, sexuelle et sociale • Chez Foufounes

6 June 2023
*This tool is only available in French....

Explanatory article • U.S. abortion bans: A state-by-State Guide for Canadians

10 February 2020
Abortion rights in the United States are at a precarious point. Emboldened by a conservative-leaning Supreme Court and a President openly opposed to abortion, Republican-governed states have been passing some of the strictest limits on a woman’s right to choose that the country has seen in generations....

Guide • S’armer jusqu’aux lèvres : Guide d’auto-défense gynécologique

13 April 2020
*This tool is only available in French....

Mini series • Et si on s'écoutait

7 September 2020
*This tool is only available in French....

On brasse de l’R • Le balado des Centres des femmes

1 March 2021
*This tool is only available in French....

Practical guide • Trans-Inclusive Abortion Services

13 January 2020
A manual for providers on operationalizing trans-inclusive policies and practices in an abortion setting....

Pussypedia • Online encyclopedia

8 June 2020
Pussypedia is a free, bilingual encyclopedia of the pussy made for you to understand. ...

Ta raison c'est la bonne • Information on the Right and Access to Abortion

4 October 2021
Ta raison c’est la bonne is an information and awareness campaign on the right and access to abortion led by SOS Grossesse (Quebec), SOS Grossesse Estrie and Grossesse Secours (Montreal). ...

Videos • Clit Revolution

17 August 2020
*This tool is only available in French....